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Town property

Riferimento : BPCA6S | Print Contatto
Town property Disponibile
Prezzo: € 15,000

Categoria: Vendita
Tipologia: Case in Citta'
Regione: Abruzzo
Località: Carunchio

Buy a house in Carunchio to live in one of the most beatiful towns in Italy!

Far from the traffic and stress of the city, we offer for sale a house to renovate on two levels.

On the ground floor there is a living area where it is possible to create a large open space with a fireplace and a staircase that leads to two bedrooms with balconies.

The structure is in stone and brought back to it's original appear ance, looks like a beatiful country residence.

Completely to be restored.


Camere da Letto : 2
Superficie Fabbricato : 85 mq
Strada d'accesso:checked
Distanza dal mare:40 km
Distanza dall'aeroporto:100 Km
Distanza da impianti sciistici:70 km
Distanza dal centro:0 km
Interventi di ristrutturazione da effettuare:to be completed
Condizioni del tetto:good
Condizioni generali:good structure


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